Jacey & Taylor

 Vancouver Island isn't exactly known for hot weather, and Campbell River is not usually a vacation hot spot, but honestly this last Summer was like living on a tropical Island! SO hot I could barely handle myself, and this gorgeous Mama to be wasn't breakn' a sweat in the least! These two were the absolute biggest troopers adventuring around this super humid evening, but looking back on this session I think we can all say it was 100% worth it!

 Still so crazy grateful I get to spend time with couples like these two, just so happy and ready to take on the next stage in their life. Its something super special and I will never take it for granted. The love I get to witness is remarkable and these two are in the thick of it, I'm so happy for them!

Congrats again to Jacey & Taylor, I can't wait to meet your beautiful baby!

Jenna & Justin

 I had the absolute best time getting to shoot this styled  mountain top elopement just outside of Victoria last month at a mini workshop with Myrtle and Moss Photography.  There was a bit of a hike involved, but as you can see it was definitely worth it (like big time worth it!). I would have climbed to the top of Everest to work with this dream team. It's so much fun working with a big team of creatives, inspiration literally flows from everywhere. Be sure to check out all the awesome team members (listed below) and check out their kick ass work. They were AMAZING people to work with, from first frame to eating cake in the parking lot it was pretty fantastic :)

Models : Jenna Kite (with Coultish Management), her beau Justin Clarke                                           Beauty : Beauty & Style by Erin Bradley                                                                                               Florals : A Sea Of Bloom                                                                                                                       Dress : Reclamation Design Company                                                                                                 Cake : Bits Of Bliss Confectionery                                                                                                        And of course again, the lovely Ang Mccabe of Myrtle and Moss Photography for her workshops!

Jasmine & Simon

 Ive always liked the idea of capturing true authentic moments. Being able to feel the emotions in a photograph is a really powerful thing. So when Ang (Ang Mccabe of Myrtle and Moss Photography) said I could come down to a mini workshop based on getting those intimate connections I jumped at the chance!

 Our beyond gorgeous models were a legit couple, and believe me you could feel their spark from behind the lens. Being cuddled up in bed with your love, while 3 photographers paparazzi you from all angles could definitely be unnerving, but these two knocked it outta the park!

I'm super pleased with the turnout, not only in the way the images came out but how great I felt after the session. Guys, love is kinda contagious! Getting to capture it for other people ,for them to remember forever well it makes me giddy!

Jasmine and Simon, thanks for being great sports. I hope your love legacy lives on and on <3

Angie Mccabe, you's a badass boss babe xo, thanks for the knowledge ;)

Lindsay & Lucas

 A few months ago now my husband and I were out cruising around checking out Vancouver Island in all it's west coast glory and we came across the most beautiful spot off the Gold River Highway. Since then I had been dying to get back and shoot there.....and mid May it finally happened!! Lindsay and Lucas came up from Ladysmith to spend the day with me and honestly they did not disappoint.

 It was about a 45min drive each way so we had a really great time getting to catch up and just stare out the window in awe as the scenic drive does not disappoint! I thought we were at the spot about 100 times before we actually arrived haha so I can imagine when we finally got there they were relieved.  After skimming down a little deer trail and walking by what Lucas was trying to convince us was Moose droppings (I still think it was Bear crap haha) we were able to just take in the epic surroundings. Finally forgetting we could be eaten by a bear (or Cougar for that matter) at any moment, we pushed ahead and as you can see below we had a fairly incredible time!

These two were on freakn' fire! I am beyond happy we could make this day happen. It was totally worth the ticket I got on the way home from the shoot going through a road block....apparently my license expired and I had legitimately no clue. Again, it was worth it! These two love birds just  bought their very first home together and this was the perfect way to celebrate! Congrats you two! Can't wait to come for a visit ;)


   I'm very fortunate when it comes to the relationships I have with my friends. Most of my friends I've known since I was in elementary school, then middle school I was lucky enough to meet a few more, which is so lucky considering how scary kids are at that age haha. Then high school came along and I met this gem. We have always had a TON of fun doing, well pretty much anything and that hasn't changed in over a decade! So when I randomly ask her to let me snap some photos of her she's always game, and I love her for that <3


  Last year I had the absolute pleasure of taking some maternity photos for my gorgeous Sister in Law. Visiting for a few weeks gave us the opportunity to expand our session over a few days and locations which was super fun considering I don't get to see these gals often. Sarissa (awesome name right!?), was pretty much the best person you can image to have a session with as she was literally up for anything, and even decided all on her own that she should probably get into the water....in May!! I swear it was all her idea, and man alive am I ever happy she did. Due to many a technical error I am just getting around to sharing these handful of favourites (yes theres tons more) now, but better late than never!  I'm super pleased with the outcome, and even happier I got those extra days to have one on one time with her and her girls. xoxox