Lindsay & Lucas

 A few months ago now my husband and I were out cruising around checking out Vancouver Island in all it's west coast glory and we came across the most beautiful spot off the Gold River Highway. Since then I had been dying to get back and shoot there.....and mid May it finally happened!! Lindsay and Lucas came up from Ladysmith to spend the day with me and honestly they did not disappoint.

 It was about a 45min drive each way so we had a really great time getting to catch up and just stare out the window in awe as the scenic drive does not disappoint! I thought we were at the spot about 100 times before we actually arrived haha so I can imagine when we finally got there they were relieved.  After skimming down a little deer trail and walking by what Lucas was trying to convince us was Moose droppings (I still think it was Bear crap haha) we were able to just take in the epic surroundings. Finally forgetting we could be eaten by a bear (or Cougar for that matter) at any moment, we pushed ahead and as you can see below we had a fairly incredible time!

These two were on freakn' fire! I am beyond happy we could make this day happen. It was totally worth the ticket I got on the way home from the shoot going through a road block....apparently my license expired and I had legitimately no clue. Again, it was worth it! These two love birds just  bought their very first home together and this was the perfect way to celebrate! Congrats you two! Can't wait to come for a visit ;)