Jasmine & Simon

 Ive always liked the idea of capturing true authentic moments. Being able to feel the emotions in a photograph is a really powerful thing. So when Ang (Ang Mccabe of Myrtle and Moss Photography) said I could come down to a mini workshop based on getting those intimate connections I jumped at the chance!

 Our beyond gorgeous models were a legit couple, and believe me you could feel their spark from behind the lens. Being cuddled up in bed with your love, while 3 photographers paparazzi you from all angles could definitely be unnerving, but these two knocked it outta the park!

I'm super pleased with the turnout, not only in the way the images came out but how great I felt after the session. Guys, love is kinda contagious! Getting to capture it for other people ,for them to remember forever well it makes me giddy!

Jasmine and Simon, thanks for being great sports. I hope your love legacy lives on and on <3

Angie Mccabe, you's a badass boss babe xo, thanks for the knowledge ;)